IPR Workshop – “Synchronization of procedures between State Institutions responsible for intellectual property rights protection” December 17, 2011

During December 2011, the American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia, in cooperation with International Development Law Organization (IDLO) Alumni Association in the Republic of Macedonia, organized two day IPR workshops (15-16/12 and 19-20/12).

The event was sponsored by our Patron Member – Microsoft. On the workshops attended more than 50 representatives from the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, State Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Macedonia and The Coordinative Body of the Government of the R. of Macedonia for Intellectual Property Rights.

This event was a great opportunity for the representatives from different governmental institutions to explain the procedures their undertake in the process of intellectual property right protection, discuss about their problems and resolve some of the procedure uncertainties. They also suggested that a List of all legal representatives of intellectual property rights in Macedonia, is necessary document for successful realization of their activities.

The AmCham Macedonia agreed to contact all involved parties and prepare the List, that will be published on our website (www.amcham.com.mk) and will be timely updated.

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