Kamnik with best Red Wine in Central and Eastern Europe May 18, 2013

kamnik 4-resizedThe exceptional quality of the wines produced by the Chateau Kamnik winery was highlighted with significant triumphs during the first half of the year. This meant winning prestigious awards and medals at some of the world’s most renowned wine competitions. Chateau Kamnik’s success is also a considerable step forward in the positioning of the Republic of Macedonia on the world wine map as a country whose wines can meet the demanding criteria of the some of the most prominent wine experts and judges.

One of these world renowned competitions, the “Decanter World Wine Awards”, held in London this year, launched a historical success for Chateau Kamnik, and for the Macedonian wine as well. It is worth mentioning that there were 14.362 wine entries from all over the world this year at “Decanter World Wine Awards”.

Chateau Kamnik’s wine “Terroir Vranec 2011“ was awarded both a Gold medal and a Regional Trophy, as an acknowledgement as the best red wine in Central and Eastern Europe in the category of red wines with a price over 15 GB pounds.

The historical brilliance mentioned above is connected to the gold medal awarded to “Terroir Vranec 2011” that is actually the


first gold medal won at “Decanter World Wine Awards” by a Macedonian wine. Another curiosity related to this competition is that this gold medal is the first one ever awarded for the Vranec variety, in terms of all Balkan countries.

There is another wine from Chateau Kamnik that received a reputable recognition at “Decanter World Wine Awards” this year. It is “Temjanika 2012“, winning bronze.

Chateau Kamnik’s team is proud of their latest success and recognitions from London, seeing them as a reason for a toast, as well as a challenge for going further in the creation of top quality Macedonian wines.

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