Bimilk vitamin milk – the best for children! June 14, 2013

BITOLSKO_Vitaminsko_1L_2013resizedFollowing the contemporary trends in the food industry, Bimilk continues to develop new products designed to meet the needs and desires of its customers. The new product is milk with 2.8% fat containing the 10 most important vitamins for proper growth and development of children: A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, D3 and E vitamin. The vitamin milk from Bimilk is the first Macedonian long-lasting milk recommended by the Association of Paediatricians of Macedonia, which once again confirms the quality of the milk composition and the numerous benefits of regular consumption of vitamin milk to children’s health.
As a devoted friend to children, Bimilk not only has created the best dairy product for kids on the Macedonian market, but on the occasion for World Milk Day on June 1st, Bimilk has donated more than 1,300 kilograms of vitamin milk in three orphanages, the home for infants in Bitola, 11th October orphanage and SOS Children’s Village Skopje.

Sharing the vitamin milk with those who need it the most, the children without parents, is part of the company’s strategy for social responsibility whose focus are the  children, their health and proper growth and development.

“We were delighted to work on developing a product that has numerous health benefits for the consumer, for all those who seek to lead active and healthy lives, and especially for children in the age of growth and development who need vitamins and minerals more than anybody. Children are a priority in Bimilk’s strategy for social responsibility and therefore we gladly accepted the idea of donating the vitamin milk to children without parents in the home for infants in Bitola, the 11th October orphanage and SOS Children’s Village in Skopje. The company’s efforts to offer its contribution to the well being of the community does not stop there. Bimilk will continue to follow its mission of creating products that actively contribute to better health for all consumers and of course to share its success with those that need this friendship the most” – Poleksena Risteska, Marketing Manager from Bimilk.

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