Eurostandard Bank Launched the First “Gift Card” September 18, 2013

Eurostandard Bank created a new innovative product, the first one of its kind in Macedonia, the “gift card” is a prepaid payment card intended as a present for special occasions.
ESB_gift_coverIt is unique and fashionable gift for all important moments in life such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, New Year and Christmas holidays as well as any other happy occasion that includes gifts.
The buyer can choose the amount of money he wants to give as a gift while the end user of the card can then choose to purchase products or services that best suit their wishes and needs.
“The Eurostandard Bank Gift Card is the only product in the area of payment cards that is unrestricted and does not limit the ultimate consumer how and where he can use his funds. The Card can be used in commerce, POS terminals and all ATM’s supported by Casys. If used in ATM owned by Eurostandard Bank, the Bank will not charge a fee for the transaction.” – Goran Josifovski, Marketing Manager in Eurostandard Bank.
The Cards can be purchased in any of the branch offices of Eurostandard Bank. There is one time fee cost for the cards, 200 denars for the cards with value that doesn’t exceed 3,000 denars and 300 denars for the cards with value higher than 3,000 denars. The gift cards are available for all citizens, existing clients of the bank as well as new clients.

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