Okta donated new computer equipment in the new school at the municipality of Ilinden September 19, 2013

Okta1OKTA donated 18 new personal computers and one server in order to equip the informatics cabinet in the new modular school of Ilinden. With this donation of more than 10.000 Euroes, the children will be provided with most modern technological equipment which will improve the conditions for studying and acquiring new skills.

 Starting from this school year the children of Ilinden will be able to attend the first high school in their municipality. The new school has a capacity to educate 720 pupils, separated in two shifts of elementary and high school.
On this occasion, Mr. Viktor Papaconstantinou, CEO of OKTA, said: “OKTA believes that education is a crucial period in children’s lives, and once again we show our concern for the children by donating the most contemporary computer equipment to the new school of Ilinden. OKTA decided for this donation because we recognize how essential modern technology is in the educational process. It is our contribution to the efforts of this school to create talented young people and prepare them for the future”.


As one of the biggest companies in Southeast Europe, OKTA continues to demonstrate its social responsibility. In addition to today’s donation, OKTA has already donated equipment and furniture to the new school of Ilinden. OKTA will remain committed to supporting the society, putting special emphasis on issues of education, health and environment.

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