Unique label design for “TIKVES” Chardonnay October 29, 2013

SDWTIKVES-originalCommitted to the ideas of promoting the initiative supporting design and creativity for several years now, and of emphasizing the importance of the design as support to businesses, the Winery “Tikves” decided to take up an active role in the Skopje Design Week activities.

In order to improve the appearance of its products and to offer added value to its consumers, the Winery “Tikves” and the Skopje Design Week have launched an international call for design of the label for Chardonnay. Two hundred and forty-seven creative minds from 29 countries replied to the call, offering 463 designs in total.

The five-member international panel had a tough job selecting and ranking the best designs. As numerous high-quality designs have arrived, the Winery “Tikves” decided to replace the originally set single award of 500 Euro with six other awards, as follows: 1,500 Euro for the best design, two prizes of 1,000 Euro each for the second ranking designs and three 500 Euro prizes for the third ranking designs. Among the awarded are three Macedonian designs, a great indicator of Macedonian designers’ creativity which should be exploited. The participation of the Winery “Tikves” in the Skopje Design Week is an excellent example of how it should be done.

The first prize of this international competition went to Dijana Dimitrievska from Skopje and her creative, unique design, which will be the new label on “Tikves” Chardonnay, 2013. Proud of her success, she said:

”Designing a label for one of the “Tikves” wines was a true challenge, because not only is it an exciting product, but also a recognized, successful brand. I am thrilled that one of my designs won the first prize and will be affixed to a “Tikves” product. Special thanks go to the organizers of this call as it shows their endeavor to promote young designers”.

The decision to increase the prize fund and to offer the best designers an opportunity to apply their designs on the premium “Tikves” products, shows how the winery appreciates and rewards quality appropriately. “The great number of high quality designs exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. This indicates how much “Tikves” values creative inspiration, not only with local but with world designers as well. It was an incentive to increase our prize fund”, said Marketing Manager of “Tikves”, Elena Mladenovska Jelenkovic.

A special exhibition “Tikves – the best from the South” was organized within the Skopje Design Week 2013, perfectly fitting into the authenticity of Kurshumli-An. As the reception of it was excellent, the exhibition is going to be a part of the regional design festivals and exhibitions in 2014. The visitors of the Skopje Design Week had an additional opportunity to see unique pieces of furniture, home accessories and decorations made from “Tikves” packaging by Macedonian creative individuals.

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