SP Club Card for the Loyal Customers of Skopski Pazar November 14, 2013

Club CardLast month, Skopski Pazar presented its new SP Club card for loyal customers of its SP supermarkets, Maxi D discounts, Unique beauty center and online supermarket – www.doma.mk. The SP Club card gives customers a percentage discount on the monthly total amount they spend at any and all of Skopski Pazar’s outlets. Customers who buy products and services for a value of over 1.000 MKD in a given month will receive a 1% discount on purchases made in the next month; those who spend at least 3.000 MKD will receive a discount of 3%. The maximum monthly discount is 5%, given to customers who purchase at least 5.000 MKD in a given month.

“The SP club card is another way Skopski Pazar to get closer to its customers, meeting their needs and showing appreciation for their trust and loyalty to the brand. SP Club card users will get to a monthly discount in line with the amount they spend,” said Marija Tasikj, Head of the Marketing and Promotion Department of Skopski Pazar.

The SP Club card is available since the beginning of October without any fees and is easily available by simply applying in any of the outlets of Skopski Pazar or online at www.skopskipazar.com.mk.

Skopski Pazar marked its 55th anniversary in 2007. Since its establishment in 1952, the company has evolved into a modern joint stock company and one of the most successful in the Republic of Macedonia for services in trade, catering, export-import, and real estate management, thanks to its continued pursuit of excellence in quality of services and customer focus. Today, Skopski Pazar runs 16 green markets, owns 17 supermarkets and discount stores, the largest and best perfume shop in the country, two modern restaurants, and over 30,000 square meters of business premises.

For more information, call: 02/2404 222.

Contact person: Marija Tasikj, e-mail: marija.gjeorgjievska@skp.com.mk

For more information on Skopski Pazar, visit www.skopskipazar.com.mk

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