Okta continues with good collaboration with Municipality Ilinden December 6, 2013

Okta-Ilinden2OKTA and the Municipality of Ilinden continued their successful cooperation in several areas. Their latest joint project is the cleaning of a section of the open sewerage channels that pass through the territory of this municipality with total length of 120 kilometers.

OKTA donated more than 10.000 Eur intended for cleaning of the channel that passes through the settlement Kadino with a length of 2.000 meters. The cleaning will be performed by the public company Vodostopanstvo “Skopsko Pole” – Skopje, which is in charge for maintenance of the channel grid.


The goal of this project is to clean up the communal waste and the vegetation in this section of the channel, with the help of machinery, to provide a normal water flow, which, in turn, will contribute to making the Ilinden Municipality an even cleaner and more ecological municipality.

As one of the largest companies in Southeastern Europe, OKTA continuously invests in communities and the environment.

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