Vitalia anniversary – 20 years “healthy food and healthy generations” December 20, 2013

Menadzment Vitalia (2)Last month the Healthy Food Company Vitalia, celebrated its 20th anniversary in the presence of its co-workers, clients, admirers of healthy life and supporters of the brand. In a pleasant ambience of the restaurant “Day and Night”, with more than 250 guests, Vitalia management presented the developing cycle of the business, the new product lines, the export achievements as well as the society responsive campaigns, awards and recognitions.
During the company’s celebration ceremony at the same time, City of Skopje was granting the awards for 2012 year, and the prestigious award “November 13” was given to company Vitalia for the social responsible project “A for healthy food” – where the main goal is education of young generation about healthy food and practicing healthy lifestyle. Once again, Vitalia proved to be a socially responsible company whose strategy is continuous improvement and investment in the community.

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