Terroir Vranec 2011 Grand Reserva – Now Out for the Wine Lovers February 19, 2014

Terroir Vranec 2011-KamnikLast year the Kamnik Winery came up with some fantastic news on winning recognition, awards and medals, at some of the world’s most competitive wine contests. Terroir Vranec 2011 Grand Reserva is one of the Kamnik’s wine superstars that shone on the grand international stage in London in 2013 at the ”Decanter World Wine Awards”. Among the 14.362 wine entries from all over the world, this wine won the Gold Medal and the reputable Regional Trophy for Best Red Wine in Central and Eastern Europe, category of reds over 15 pounds. What takes Terroir Vranec 2011 Grand Reserva to history is the fact that it is actually the first gold medal won at “Decanter World Wine Awards” by a Macedonian wine. Furthermore, this gold medal is the first one ever awarded for the Vranec variety, in terms of all Balkan countries. “An iron fist in a velvet glove” is how Angela Muir MW, one of the DWWA Regional Chairs, describes Terroir Vranec 2011 Grand Reserva.

Then, what’s the news now?

This grand reserva has been launched to the market, and you can buy a bottle of this champion just as you can buy any other wine. Please make sure to decant after opening, as decanting is a part of the art of drinking a remarkable reserva.

Where to find Terroir Vranec 2011 Grand Reserva?

It is now available in the Kamnik Wine Store, Biblioteka Liquor Store, in most of the distinguished restaurants in the R. Macedonia, and of course, it is available online as well, at www.wine.mk.

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