Housing Loan – Stopanska Banka Promotional Offer from 05.03.2014 to 05.06.2014 March 10, 2014

stb logoAs a market leader for housing loans, and also following the guidelines from the market and needs of the clients, Stopanska banka AD – Skopje opens the spring season with an attractive offer for all submitted or approved applications for housing loan from 05.03. to 05.06.2014.

Apart from the guaranteed interest rates for the first 5 years, the Bank offers to its clients a substantial benefit – 0 MKD for administrative and appraisal fees.

By this offer, the Bank supports its clients to make the first step in their new home and confirms its support built for 70 years, and also confirms its offer for many generations of clients.

The housing loans are long-term loans presenting an obligation for the budget that the family must plan very carefully and in details. Due to this, we offer a loan with 5 years guaranteed annual interest rates:

·         5% for the first three years and

·            6% for the next 2 years

After the expiration of the five years, the variable annual interest rate shall be applied, which at the moment is 6.89%.

The major benefits are for the payroll clients of Stopanska banka defined by the permanently decreased interest rates, shortened procedure and required documents, as well.

The housing loan can be used for purchase of apartment, house, construction of a house, purchase of a business premises and refinancing loans from other banks under the most favorable terms and conditions.

The sales relationship managers in SB branches expect you to assist you in every step to your new home.

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