Call for Action in the new Humanitarian Campaign of OKTA “Chance for Life”! March 28, 2014

Okta1Once again, showing its social responsibility spirit, OKTA started a Humanitarian Campaign for donation of necessary equipment in Intensive Care Department of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje. With the campaign – “Chance for life” we want and we believe that all together we will influence towards changing the department’s conditions and raising awareness among citizens as well.

We chose the Children’s Clinic because all premature babies and babies born with complications are placed in the intensive care department and their lives depend on how well equipped this unit is and on the medical care they receive there.

Okta2The current status of this unit is more than dramatic, because of the old equipment, so the need for new medical equipment is urgent and with high priority.

Because of this, OKTA starts this humanitarian mission, with which among the donation of OKTA (buying an incubator) we would like to initiate and motivate as many citizens as possible, pursued  them to  get involved.

Therefore, we are asking for Your support and Your participation as follows:

–          By buying a bracelet with the campaign slogan Chance for Life (ШАНСА ЗА ЖИВОТ). The price of one bracelet is 100 MKD, a small amount for us, but big and significant for the campaign. If we join our forces, together we contribute for the real change.

–          By buying fuels on OKTA branded petrol stations, you will donate, because part of the collected amount  through sales of fuels will be allocated for buying other needed equipment of the Intensive Care Department in the Children’s Clinic.

–          By spreading the idea and goal of the Campaign  through social networks, we will encourage more people to get involved as donors, because when more people speak about the campaign, it will involve more citizens across the country:

FacebookTwitter and Youtube.

We have the possibility to make real and meaningful change.

Let’s unite for ones in need, Let’s give a chance for life of the loved ones, babies and children from the Children’s Clinic in Skopje.

Thank you.


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