The citizens of Skopje had a healthy bite of Biters2Go March 28, 2014

Last week, not only did the citizens of Skopje enjoy the lovely weather, but they also had the opportunity to have a bite of the new healthy snack Biters2Go from Vitalia. Through the innovative campaign with the skate company of Biters2Go, the citizens tried the new product from Vitalia, a company with a 20-year tradition in the production of healthy food.

“We made Biters2Go for that part of the day when we are on the move, and we need an instant healthy energy. These practical mini bars can be taken everywhere, as an energy supplement to the working day or a sweet healthy snack with your favorite coffee”, says Vitalia.

The mini granola bars with vanilla and dark chocolate as well as those with coconut and dark chocolate sweetened with brown sugar offer you a crunchy healthy indulgence for a long-lasting energy by introducing freshness to your daily adventure. This is how people in Skopje had a healthy bite: the passers-by, college students, the coffee-goers, the readers in the libraries around the city.

“I am really surprised by the new Vitalia bars. A real sweet treat which is healthy above all, but tasty too. I am the happiest person because my children liked them, and I must say that they consumed healthy food even when they were younger. Biters2Go are really “catchy”, says a passer-by who tried both tastes of Biters2Go.

The great event took place last weekend in the city park in Skopje and at the zoo, where Vitalia organized a party for all the lovers of healthy life in the company of the Biters2Go fellowship.

With this one-month campaign “Have a healthy bite with Biters2Go” the company for healthy food Vitalia has proven once again its innovation and the constant care for its consumers.


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