Avon embraced the supreme beauty and fashion in one place May 19, 2014

06-resizedThe woman who continuously celebrates the aesthetics and has respect for the finest forms of beauty was the main inspiration for the impressive event “Beauty with signature” which embraced the company AVON Macedonia and the well-known authorities in the world of fashion and style: Antonija Ristovska, Rosica Mrsik and Vaska Leontic.

In an elegant setting in the restaurant “Sky” in Hotel Stone Bridge, they touched all sides of the fine, nurtured and authentic beauty in an original way.

The concept “Beauty with signature” reflects the longstanding global practice of AVON, but until recently, it is the main focus of AVON Macedonia as well. The concept is based on AVON’s collaboration with famous and established names that work in the field of beauty and fashion and give their authority and professional experience as a personal recommendation for the customers of AVON.

02-resizedStarting in October 2013, also Macedonian successful ladies stood behind AVON’s palette, becoming fashion and beauty endorsers for this company.

Through the personal recommendations for the wide portfolio of AVON products, we wanted to bring closer the creativity and the expertise of these proven authorities to the customers in our market. This way we are striving to follow the company’s global strategy and to respond on the needs of our clientssaid Bisera Banova, PR Specialist of AVON Macedonia.

The first cooperation of this kind was with the very famous fashion designer Antonija Ristovska, who at the beginning of October 2013 exclusively appeared in AVON’s brochures as “fashion and beauty advisor”. However, as Ristovska says, this partnership has developed on a much deeper level and led to a creation of a whole fashion collection called “Instinct”, inspired by the etheric beauty of the company’s fragrance “AVON Instinct”. Antonija Ristovska presented this collection in the fall edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje and expressed the femininity and the passion that arise from the woman’s inner self in the familiar style of the moderate beauty. She expressed her inspiration through the inner and outer beauty of the woman and through the form and the essence of the magnificent fragrance.

The following partnership with another celebrity endorser started at the beginning of 2014, when the company signed the contract with the young, but very popular and talented fashion designer Rosica Mrsik, wanting to bring closer its portfolio of fashion accessories to the younger generation. Following the successful example of its last cooperation, AVON Macedonia and the fashion designer also had a mutual presentation of this year’s edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje. Rosica dedicated her spring-summer collection 2014 to the architectural constructivism, but colored it with her inspiration which was brought by the exciting spring color palettes of the make-up line called Avon Color.

From April 2014, in order to provide top service for the customers of the decorative cosmetics as well, AVON Macedonia started using the professional advice of the well-known Macedonian stylist Vaska Leontic. Vaska is the current beauty advisor for the makeup lines Avon Color and Luxe, and according her statement, she and the company AVON Macedonia will continue to make all trends more accessible and more available for all beauty lovers. Under the signature “professional stylist and AVON’s makeup expert”, Vaska’s recommendations in the field of the innovations and the passion of beauty, can be found in AVON Macedonia’s brochures until the end of this year.

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