Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day 2014 May 20, 2014

Alpha-1-resizedAlpha Bank, in the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility and as part of its effort to further raise awareness on social and environmental issues, has established, since 2009, the “Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day”, which is organised each year in all the countries where the Alpha Bank Group is present.

Alpha Bank AD Skopje successfully implemented the “Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day – 2014”, by establishing the first charity shop for socially impaired persons, in cooperation with the Red Cross.

The project was initiated in 2013, when Alpha Bank AD Skopje donated six containers of second hand clothes to the Red Cross and it was concluded in May, with the official opening of the charity shop.Alpha-2-resized

Employees of Alpha Bank AD Skopje donated clothes, shoes, toys and beddings and spent most of the day selecting and packaging the donated materials for the shop, which will operate as a centre for the effective collection and management of clothing for vulnerable groups of the population.

Alpha-3-resized The active participation of the Bank’s Employees and their families reaffirmed the commitment of Alpha Bank Group to Corporate Social Responsibility and promoted teamwork and cooperation.

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