Skopje Fair’s Call to Support Belgrade Fair’s Initiative June 4, 2014

The worst rainfall to hit Serbia and Bosnia in 120 years has killed upwards of 40 people and destroyed entire towns and villages. More than one million people live in the affected areas. About 500,000 people have been evacuated or left their homes. The rate of destruction is dramatic – more than 100,000 buildings and homes are destroyed. It is impossible, at this moment, to estimate the total level of overall damage but it, certainly, amounts to hundreds of millions of Euros.

In the wake of these enormous floods Belgrade Fair, since last week, has turned into the largest shelter in Serbia for those people evacuated from the flood affected areas. During the last couple of days thousands of people who have lost their  homes passed through the exhibition halls. For those hardest hit by this catastrophe (currently around 1,500 people) who were left stranded without any kind of accommodation at all, Belgrade Fair is still providing  shelter in two of their exhibition halls, and it is yet uncertain when, and if at all, those people will be able  to return to their  homes.

The Belgrade Fair and all its employees , using all their  resources and experience in organizing large and  important events, have done  everything in their  power to make these hard moments a bit easier for all those in need.

Our friends and colleagues from Belgrade Fair have to spend a significant amount of money  now to implement first aid infrastructure and to provide  goods of daily use  for the refugees. For this reason Mrs. Danka Selic, General Manager of Belgrade Fair has asked the members of CEFA and UFI to organize financial help. These funds will be used as a contribution to cover the upcoming direct costs which were caused by this unbelievable natural catastrophe.

Belgrade Fair has obtained authorization from Serbian Government and has opened a special account for this purpose.


IBAN: RS35330007010009996704

Your donation will demonstrate a high level of support among colleagues and will help to relieve the distress.

Many, many thanks in advance for your generous support.

If you have further questions, don´t hesitate to contact us directly.

Kind regards,

Franz Reisbeck                                                 Matthias Limbeck                                    Daniela Gligorovska
CEFA General Secretary                              CEFA Chairman                                        CEFA President
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