Big humanitarian project by Stopanska banka AD – Skopje „GIVE WITH A SMILE“ for the children that need it the most! June 20, 2014

stb logoCelebrating its 70th anniversary, Stopanska Banka initiated a big humanitarian project today under the motto “GIVE WITH A SMILE” which invites everybody to contribute to this by simply giving their smiles. The more smiles the project collects the more funds the Bank shall donate. The goal of the project is to accumulate the biggest donation of medical equipment so far for the children clinics around the country which will ensure for better medical care of the children that most need it.

Stopanska Banka derives from the local communities; it develops thanks to the trust of the citizens and the business community and has in its 70 years of existence become an integral part of the economy and the society in Macedonia. This is why we have constructed this humanitarian project that will include every citizen and each community in the interest of the children that deserve a smile each day of their lives.

For this purpose, the branches of Stopanska Banka will be equipped with photo-totems where each person can donate their smiles. The more smiles we collect, the more funds the Bank shall donate for the children clinics. The number of smiles each person can donate is unlimited, and they can also be donated through our Facebook fan page, through the photo patrols in the cities and during the number of events we will organize to celebrate the 70th anniversary.

The honor to launch the humanitarian project was reserved for the CEO and the members of the BoD as well as the Bank employees that were fist to donate their smiles and invited the general public to join the project of collecting 1 million smiles.

“In the dynamic world, where the main priority of the people dealing with the businesses is to achieve quantifiable goals and targets we shouldn’t forget that the mission of corporations is not only to grow and to become successful and profitable but to be socially responsible and to return part of this achievement to the society, especially by supporting the citizens having the biggest needs among ourselves.  This is why we want to combine our jubilee with something nice and unforgettable for our environment, for our clients and citizens. To demonstrate that Stopanska banka AD – Skopje remains a leader not only in the banking sector but in corporate social responsibility, activity that we take great pride in. We shall celebrate our 70th anniversary together with our clients through variety of activities and events and crown it with a significant donation for the clinics. In support of our project, we only ask of you to smile and make it count in our donation for more children smiles.” Said Mr. Diomidis Nikoletopoulos, Stopanska banka AD – Skopje, CEO.


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