UACS Enterprise – New Courses for Professionals July 15, 2014

By perceiving the challenges that clients currently face, University American College Skopje redefined the executive education and introduced – UACS Enterprise.

Understanding that organizations today have diverse needs, our solutions are designed from an organization’s perspective and address the issues that confront business and people. Our focus is on moving the needle for organizations in terms of business outcomes though our customized, tailored, open and coaching programs.

Open enrollment programs allow professionals to register for Harvard Participant leaning Method, short courses that can last from three hours to one week, during which they receive specialized training based on their vocation. The curriculum ranges from basic business concepts for lawyers to leading innovative enterprises for biotech managers.

Custom-made programs for individual companies are a new addition to the professional education sector.

UACS Enterprise has now developed curricula based on a company’s individual needs, from leadership training to an economics crash course.

For more information please call Rahela Evtimova at 02 2463 156, email: OR visit UACS Enterprise page.

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