Domaine Lepovo – New Exclusive “Boutique” Wine in Macedonia September 10, 2014

In June this year, at a gala event, rendered in black and white, the first ultra-exclusive Macedonian wine brand Domaine Lepovo was promoted. The new wine brand got its name after the beautiful location, the Lepovo estate, where nature is especially inclined to each wine maker. The sun, the water, the wind and the soil, make a perfect balance to create a top quality wine.

With Domaine Lepovo, Tikves Winery made a huge step forward, offering the world, as well as wine lovers and admirers a wine that represents something different than all previous achievements of the winery. In this way Tikves Winery is introducing an important novelty in the production of limited amounts of sophisticated wine in a little “boutique” winery, which is a new impulse, a new energy in the development of the wine industry in Macedonia.

Domaine Lepovo Chardonnay is the first wine launched from this new line. Next, Domaine Lepovo Pinot Noir will be introduced on the market by the end of this year. Of course, the surprises do not stop here. Next summer, Domaine Lepovo Grand Cuvee will enrich the list of these ultra-exclusive wines, which are the creation of the wine “wizard” Philippe Cambie. The best French practices and knowledge of the production of such wine varieties have been implemented in the production of this limited brand. The term “domaine” denotes that the overall production process is carried out at the same property where the vineyards are located.

The beauty of Lepovo is indeed endless, but the wine produced at the property is in limited amounts. Simply put, Domaine Lepovo exclusive wines are intended for the pickiest and most sophisticated wine lovers. They will be made available only in a small number of the sale outlets, with high prices, and in a limited number of restaurants in the country and on the most important world markets.



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