Two First Prizes for Corporate Social Responsibility for EVN Macedonia September 19, 2014

Dodeluvanje na nagradata na EVNEVN Macedonia is once again a winner of several prizes at the 2013 National CSR awarding ceremony, organized by the National Coordinative Body for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Business Confederation of Macedonia and supported by the EU co-financed project “CSR for all”.

EVN Macedonia won the first prize in the category “Market Relations” for the project “Platform for energy efficiency”. The Platform is a form of long-term cooperation between EVN and the Ministry of Economy in the area of energy efficiency. The goal of the Platform is to raise the awareness for the need of rational energy usage with concrete activities. A special focus was given to the greater implementation of energy efficiency in the small and medium sized companies.

The first prize in the category “Employee Relations” was also given to EVN Macedonia for the project “Strategically integrated approach for the support of the professional development of the young”. EVN created an integrated approach that encompasses several types of activities that enable professional development of the young potentials. Through the programs for internship, scholarship and Trainees we are working on increasing of the competences of the young human resources through development of certain skills and upgrade of the theoretical knowledge.


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