10 Years of Kamnik Wines September 26, 2014

Kamnik_zurkaOne of the events that stood out this September is certainly the gala celebration of the 10th birthday and the start of the harvest season in the Kamnik Winery vineyards. The event took place on Friday, September 19th, on the plateau in front of the winery, and it was attended by a whole lot of guests who enjoyed the elegant red carpet reception and the party with a choice of live music, fireworks, and Kamnik wines to give a memorable aftertaste to the event.

The foundations of the Kamnik Winery are laid on the very personal interest in the art of winemaking and wines of the owner, Ilija Malinkovski. The hobby turns into an idea for building a small winery that will produce wines of excellent quality. Later, a team of enthusiasts gets together and brings this idea to life. Nowadays we have an exclusive boutique winery near Skopje, surrounded with own vineyards where new clone developments of some of the world’s finest grape varieties are grown, producing wines that win some of the highest and most prominent awards in some of the most demanding wine competitions in the world.

Kamnik_vinoThe celebrious September atmosphere is even more special for the Kamnik Winery team upon the news they received on winning new medals at the largest officially recognized wine competition in the world, AWC Vienna 2013 in Austria.  The two gold medals go to the red MERLOT SINGLE VINEYARD Reserva 2011 and ТEN BARRELS SYRAH 2011, and the silver medal goes to Temjanika 2013.

The Kamnik winery team says that these new awards, that enrich the series of recognitions won during the past 10 years, are one more reason for a toast and for a search for some new wine challenges, led by the passion for perfection.


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