Business Breakfast with IMF Representative Patrick Gitton October 2, 2014

On September 29th, 2014 AmCham hosted the Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund in Macedonia, Mr. Patrick Gitton. In his expose, Mr. Gitton referred to IMF’s various missions, functioning and its main challenges as global institution, with over 160 member countries from all over the world, underscoring that the IMF has evolved over the past years in order to better reflect its membership needs and to be more effective. He pointed out that the business community is a reliable source and their opinion is of high importance as boosters of the economic growth of the country

During the presentation, the keynote speaker explained the conditions of the ongoing macro-economic and financial dialogue with the country’s authorities, also gave data on each monitored field in IMF’s scope of work in the Republic of Macedonia, in addition making comparisons with the countries in the region.

Presenting the IMF’s vision on the situation and the outlook for the Macedonian economy, he explained that the macroeconomic policies have helped the country to overcome the effects of the crisis relatively well , and the key challenge now is to stimulate growth and employment while keeping a sustainable trajectory of public finances.

Participant rated the event and the shared data as valuable and very useful.  According to the event evaluation sheets 69% gave high rates for the speaker and the format of the event.  A Q&A session closed the event.

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