The “Human Resources Manager of the Year” Award October 7, 2014

Magdalena Slavejkova

Cementarnica Usje AD Skopje’s Human Resources Manager, Magdalena Slavejkova, won the award “Human Resources Manager of the Year”, awarded by the Macedonian Association of Human Resources. This award is given for first time in our Country.

“Cementarnica Usje, as a part of TITAN Group, is organization which recognizes that sustainable growth relies on our people, on the caliber, behavior and collaboration of our people, who are at the core of our governing objective and our strategy.   This has shaped our vision “To ensure an engaged workforce, emotionally and mentally”.   Therefore USJE invests in employees’ development and provides opportunities for career growth. Job satisfaction and fulfillment are the best motivation, which strengthens employees’ commitment and engagement.  Our Company cares about our people, they are an integral part of our Company.  And, people remain to be our priority for the future, as well”, said Magdalena Slavejkova, the Human Resources Manager.

The Macedonian Association of Human Resources was established in 2009, with a mission to support and develop the profession human resources management and to contribute to the improvement of its status. The Macedonian Association of Human Resources is full member of the European Association of Human Resources (EAPM) and it strives for standardization and advancement of this profession. The Awards for the best manager in the area of human resources have been awarded within the 6-th International HR conference “Standards and best practices in the human resources management”, which was held in Skopje on Oct. 03.2014, in organization of the Association.

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