BiMilk Presented the First Functional Fresh Milk on the Market November 4, 2014


Last month, BiMilk presented the Balans+ fresh milk, which is the first functional fresh milk on the Macedonian market. The new product is great news for all who care about healthy lifestyle and try to start the day with well-balanced breakfast.

The Balans+ fresh milk provides both the health benefits of consuming fresh milk and the prebiotic inulin necessary for active metabolism and easier digestion. Due to the prebiotic inulin, starting the day with glass of Balans+ fresh milk will leave you with sense of lightness for the rest of the day.

The product comes with only 1% milk fat which is great for your waist and in practical package of 750ml.

“It gives us satisfaction to present the new Balans+ fresh milk to our customers, not only because it tastes good, but it is also very good for their health, helping and inspiring them to lead healthier and more active lifestyle. Basically this is what we want for our customers, to choose healthier lifestyle for them and their families every day, and so for every product we develop, we make sure that it is just another way we can make that choice easier for them” – said Poleksena Risteska, Marketing Manager at Bimilk.

To preserve its quality and freshness, the Balans+ fresh milk should only be stored in fridge and should be consumed within three days after opening.

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