Donate and Give a Chance for Life! November 6, 2014


By calling 070/075/077 14 33 33 you can donate for the “Chance for Life” Campaign. This campaign was initiated by OKTA and the Children’s Clinic in Skopje, to raise funds for reparation of the old and purchase of new equipment for the Clinic’s Intensive Care Department. In the past year, the number of prematurely born babies and those born with complications has been significantly increased, in this one of its kind Clinic. The lack of equipment makes the functioning of the Department more difficult.

Even though OKTA’s donation is a huge support to the Intensive Care Department, an additional help is required for significant improvement of the current condition. The involvement of broader public is necessary, for saving the babies’ lives that are trying to win their first battle in the life. The chance is in our hands and with only one call we can contribute towards real change.

As an open and transparent company, all data related to the implementation of the Campaign and the involvement of the citizens will be summarized and published on OKTA’s web site. The report will show how the collected funds from the citizens were used and by that, have supported the Campaign.

Note: 18% VAT will be calculated on each call, thus the total price will be 118 MKD.

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