AmCham Thanks Volunteers & Donors in CSR and Advocacy Efforts November 21, 2014

As a membership organization, we’re expected to engage our members. That’s why we are so proud that no less than 85% of our members engaged with us in some form this year.

On November 20th, 2014 in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we highlighted those people and organizations whose contributions went above and beyond to make this year’s CSR and advocacy initiatives successful.

They included:

For outstanding commitment to our “Life Skills” program with the “11.Oktomvri” Orphanage

  • Ivana Dojcinovska Stojanovic
  • Semos Education
  • Cementarnica USJE
  • EVN Macedonia Team
  • Hristina Damevska
  • Radojka H. Denkovska
  • Maja Stevkova Sterieva
  • Elena Bundaleska
  • Jovanka Jovanchevska Milenkoska

For their outstanding contributions to the work of the AmCham committees 2013-14

  • Harizan Mitrev
  • Veton Qoku
  • Vesna Gavriloska
  • Miroslav Marchev
  • Eli Mufishovska
  • Ljupka Noveska
  • Biljana Janeva

For contribution to the success of the 2014 IPR Teachers Workshop

  • Elizabeta Dimovska
  • Vlora Ademi

For supporting the 2014 day center renovation project at “Zlatan Sremec” school

  • Cementarnica USJE
  • Alkaloid
  • Vitaminka
  • Tinex MT
  • Alliance One

For their continuous support of AmCham CSR initiatives throughout 2014

  • EVN Macedonia
  • Alkaloid AD Skopje
  • Cementarnica USJE
  • Habitat Macedonia

For proposing and making the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines translation project possible

  • KPMG Macedonia

For their steadfast support of AmCham 20011-14 initiatives and activities

  • Ambassador Paul D. Wohlers, U.S. Embassy Skopje
  • Ryan Stoner, Chief of the Political & Economic Section, U.S. Embassy Skopje

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