DHL Express Macedonia Won the Prestigious Superbrands Award December 18, 2014

dhl-ekspres-makedonija02-resizedAt the ceremony of awarding the global Superbrands award, in competition with many reputable market brands, the courier company DHL Express Macedonia won the prestigious Superbrands award for 2013/14 year. This is the third year in a row that the company has won this award.

Besides the jury, 8,000 customers also took part in selecting the best. Crucial parameters were quality, reliability, recognition and emotional attachment of the users to the brand itself.

“It is a great honor and pleasure that our customers, and the jury, recognized quality, tradition and professionalism in the work of DHL Macedonia. Our strategy for the future is to continue to be the leader in the sector of logistics and to offer our customers innovative and customized solutions. We thank everyone for the support and confidence that was given to us.” said Sasko Nedelkov, Commercial Manager of DHL Express Macedonia.

DHL Express is the first and only courier company in Macedonia founded 21 years ago, with 100% foreign capital, as an equal member of the global network of DHL Worldwide Network. With more than 70% market share in the field of courier transport, DHL Express Macedonia is indispensable partner to the international communication of more than 2,000 companies and institutions in Macedonia.

The granting of the awards was attended by 150 guests from the business, marketing, media and music industry, including the legendary actor, director, musician and producer Rade Serbedzija, and representatives of the Superbrands organization. The event was enriched with the introduction of the latest edition of the Superbrands publication, through which the Superbrands from the Adriatic region are united for the first time. Superbrands publication provides insight into the way the brands were established.

The third Macedonian Superbrands Choice Awards began with the selection of the jury at the beginning of 2013 when more than 1,000 dhl-ekspres-makedonija01-resizeddomestic and international brands in 27 categories were in the finalists list, which list was prepared in cooperation with leading marketing agencies and agencies for market research.

International organization Superbrands is the only global and independent authority in the field of branding. It is present in over 90 countries¬†around the world and aims to identify the leading brands of each market and to promote the discipline of branding. The organization currently manages more than 15,000 brands from different market areas. Renowned brands such as: Coca-Cola, DHL, Google, IBM, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Wrigley and many others, actively manage their acquired status and mark in its promotional activities worldwide.

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