New Incubator for the Intensive Care Department at the Children’s Clinic – Donation from OKTA December 29, 2014

okta-2 roundThe purchase of a new incubator and the service of three existing ones in the Intensive Care Department of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje is the result of the second round of donation of the Campaign Chance for Life. In the Campaign initiated by OKTA and the Children’s Clinic actively participated thousands of individuals, companies and organizations. More than 12.000 citizens joined the campaign on social media. This year OKTA as donator initiated the Campaign to create awareness and invite third parties to donate alongside of it for equipping and improving of the conditions at the Intensive Care Department, where the prematurely born babies are fighting for life.

We, as OKTA, are very satisfied from the Campaign, which made a real change in Intensive Care Department of the Children Clinic. Its success proved that there is a will to help when there is a need for improving things and we are happy that things are moving in a positive direction. I have to stress out that, because of the great impact we had from all the citizens, companies and organisations, and because of the continuous need for additional donations to this Department, we are extending the Campaign and we hope we will achieve even more next year. I would like to publicly thank all those who joined this campaign. I wish to see you be part of this Campaign next year and together to make an even bigger change”, said Victor Papaconstantinou, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

In addition to the donation of the new incubator and the service of the existing three, OKTA has already donated funds for pulse meters and aspirators.

According to Aspazija Sofijanova, the Director of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje, the campaign has raised the public awareness and given results with a real change of the reality in the Intensive Care Department.

“Chance for Life is a campaign that provides many ways for donating, for individuals, companies or organizations. This is a campaign that unites and involves each humane person with a small donation to contribute towards big change. Exactly because of that, so far it has given excellent results and we, the doctors and the entire personnel at the Intensive Care Department are the ones that see the best the effect through the simplification of our everyday challenges. The ammount of work in this Department has been increased, where the capacity is remained at the same level in the past few decades. When the working conditions are changing, the entire functioning concept should change. We, at the Clinic, show that in the best way through an example. We are calling all the citizens, companies, to join next year and together to make much more for our small fighters”, said Aspazija Sofijanova, Director of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje.

For the normal functioning of the Intensive Care Department, where the number of newly admitted cases has recently increased by almost 50%, there is a huge need for new and functional equipment. The means of donation remain the same, through the open telephone lines for donations 070/075/077 14 33 33, the possibility for minimal donation of 100 MKD in the marked donation boxes at OKTA’s gas stations and various other locations, where the citizens are getting a bracelet with the campaign logo as its supporters, as well as the specialized account of the campaign in Stopanska Banka – 200002709659393.

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