Traditional Donation from OKTA for the Special Schools Zlatan Sremеc & Idnina December 30, 2014

Idnina donacija OKTA-1Warm clothes for the children from the special primary schools, Zlatan Sremеc and Idnina, is the latest donation from OKTA. The company is continuing the tradition of socializing and giving gifts before New Year’s Eve for the children attending these schools.

“Eight year in a row, OKTA is surprising the children from the special schools with New Year presents. Inspired by the immense joy with which they are welcoming us, we see on this as a friendship that develops from year to year. As socially responsible company our aim is helping and raising awareness about the basic needs of these children. Usually, the needs are from material nature, but their happiness doesn’t come only from the received gifts, but much more from the fact that somebody has visited them and dedicated attention and love”, said Marija Stavreva, Manager for CSR and Communications in OKTA.

Besides the donation, this year OKTA has prepared special surprise for the children, socializing with the famous pop artist Renata Kralevska, Idnina blagodarnica OKTA-2who delivered the presents and entertained them with New Year’s songs.

In the two schools, 275 children with special needs are taken care of. From there, they say that the donated warm clothes are something that is necessary for the children, but even bigger joy is the way OKTA does it.

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