Roche celebrated its 15th Anniversary in Macedonia January 28, 2015

11192014-086-X3-resizedRoche one of the world largest innovative company is celebrating 15 years of work in Macedonia. With its corporate operations in Macedonia, in the last 15 years has achieved significant results in the development , introduction and improvement of treatment in many areas, such as: cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, osteoporosis, etc. Roche celebrated its 15th jubilee event on January 21st, 2015 at Macedonian National Theater with the slogan “Inspired by Life”. Many government officials, ambassadors, healthcare professionals, business partners, collaborators and friends attended the jubilee event.

First Lady Ms. Maja Ivanova, Dr. Aspazija Sofijanova Head of Pediatric Clinic, Mr. Stefano Lazzarotto Swiss Ambassador and Ms. Vesna Cizej Head of Roche for Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, were guest speakers on the anniversary.

Ufuk Apaydin, Country Manager of Roche in Macedonia in that occasion said:
– Our major contribution to improve healthcare is developing better medicines and diagnostic tests. But our medicines and tests can only benefit people, if they have access to them. To achieve this vision we need to work in partnership with our government, healthcare professionals, payers, NGOs and other organizations in all levels. As a result, Macedonian patients will have access to innovative lifesaving treatment solutions, which will lead to healthier and productive citizens.

“I hope that these 15 years for Roche in Macedonia are the foundation for a long history in this country and a continued collaboration to improve DAD_9253-resizedhealthcare here. We believe that partnership with all relevant institutions will improve the healthcare, save more lives. What motivates me and many of my colleagues in Roche is that we can bring life-changing medicines to patients suffering from serious diseases. People diagnosed – and their families – are relying on companies like the one I work for to continue searching for cures.” emphasized Ms. Cizej.

“During the last 3 years only in oncology field we have invested more than 5 mil. EUR for clinical trials and education in Macedonia. We are fully committed to continue  our investments in  professional training of the healthcare professionals, improving the overall infrastructure of the healthcare system and to bring know how which is in line with the overall healthcare strategy of our government. Our collaboration with  the relevant authorities will ensure more healthy and productive families in Macedonia. With all of our local operations and investments, Roche Macedonia team with 28 professionals, is proud to contribute to our local economy as well. It is in our core corporate values to implement high standards of ethics and compliance in a very transparent way during our operations.” highlighted Mr. Apaydin.



Roche-Logo15y-FINALRoche is a Swiss multinational with an established history since 1896.  Roche have 85,000 employees in over 150 countries.  Their medicines and diagnostics generate worldwide sales of 46.8 billion Swiss francs.  Roche spends almost 9 billion Swiss francs in research and development of medicines and diagnostics every year and it is consistently in the top 5 of R&D spenders across all industries.

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