Halk Bank Inc., Skopje have Implemented an ERP Support System February 10, 2015

HalkBankInnovation in new products and services is one of Halkbank’s strongest features.

Being a bank which is always oriented towards its customers, listening to their needs, we decided to make a step forward in strengthening the relationship with our clients. For that reason we have implemented a new service so they can improve their daily operations.

Namely, we offer a possibility for direct connection on their ERP platform with the Bank which enables the following benefits:

  1. Full automation of payments in real time in MKD or foreign currency. No need to contact the bank to check whether a payment was made or inflow received.
  2. Elimination of human factor risk, all payment authorization is done only once in the clients ERP system and its controls, everything else is transparent for the company.
  3. Reduce manual processing costs, no need to come to the bank to perform transactions or manually load transaction files in the e-banking system.
  4. Capability for the client to fully automate their accounting system.
  5. The solution employs CA certificates and security control measures to guarantee communications security, and implements fully secure data encryption.

Every client who is interested in getting this service is more than welcome to be a guest of a presentation which is supported by our Marketing Division and ISTS Department.


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