Bimilk Signed a Record Breaking Contract for Export of Hard Cheese in the USA & Canada February 17, 2015

bimilk-resizedТhe largest Macedonian dairy, Bimilk, presented recent investments in modern technology, increase in production capacity and announced ambitious plans for this year and the next few years.

From 2008 till today, the company has invested more than 10 million in capital investments, out of which over 4 million were invested in the last two years. These investments are aimed not only at increasing production capacity but also for improvement of product quality and entering foreign markets.

“Last year we achieved record breaking results in the history of the company and it’s a real honor for the entire team in Bimilk. We made significant investments in the production process, the establishment of a modern system for yoghurt fermentation with 100% aseptic conditions, expanding and equipping the facilities for receiving milk with the newest technology, as well as modernizing the storage facilities. All investments were made with sole purpose of serving our customers, and establishing the right conditions for implementation of our ambitious plans for the future.” – said Zlatko Najdovski, CEO of Bimilk.

Bimilk plans an investment of additional 12 million euros by the year 2018, primarily intended to achieve optimum efficiency and excellent productivity per employee. In this way the company will improve the performance of operations and provide reliable supply of their products to foreign markets.

Along with the significant capital investments, in the past few years, Bimilk has also invested more than 4.5 million euros in activities for livestock development and equipment through education, support and stimulation for their subcontractors to produce quality raw milk. Satisfied with the results from the investment in milk production in the country, Bimilk plans to extend these projects for at least two more years.

Through specific activities as a result of our strategic orientation for dairy development in the country, more than 350 lacto freezers and over 1,200 heifers from the European Union were provided.

Since 2011 to date, within the frameworks of this project, our subcontractors have produced additional 6 to 7 million liters of raw milk. Investments in milk resulted in more than 20% growth of purchased and processed quantities of milk in 2014 compared to 2013. It should be noted that this means “refreshing” of the genetic potential of the core herd in the country.

To our own and the satisfaction of our subcontractors, these results encourage us to continue to invest in the production of milk”– said Zlatko Najdovski, CEO of Bimilk.

In 2015, Bimilk will focus much of its attention on improving the situation in the production of sheep milk, a problem which is continually present in Macedonian stockbreeding. For that purpose, Bimilk has a plan to provide genetic material for sheep herds in order for subcontractors to be able to increase their potential, and thus increase the amount of sheep milk produced. Considering the fact that livestock is long-term activity, Bimilk will support commercial family farms which are open for long-term cooperation of more than 5 years.

All these investments in production capacity and stimulation of domestic raw milk production are intended to support Bimilk’s ambitious plans for the future.

“For several years Bimilk marks a steady growth in exports of dairy products on foreign markets. This year I am pleased to say that we signed a contract to export a record amount of over 1,000,000 kgs of milk products to the US and Canada. The export which consists primarily of hard cheese Pecorino, Graviera, as well as yellow cheese, will be implemented during 2015.” – said Zlatko Najdovski, CEO of Bimilk.

The wish of our foreign partners is signing a memorandum of cooperation for the next 10 years.
“Despite the company’s ambitious plans for export, domestic consumers will continue to be the focus of Bimilk. Everything we do is designed to create high quality products that compete with world’s top brands. The quality of Bimilk products alone justifies the trust of our loyal customers and maintains our leading position on the market.”– said Zlatko Najdovski, CEO of Bimilk.

After taking over Danube Foods Group, which includes Bimilk, the investment fund Mid Europa Partners is expected to increase investment in Bimilk that will further enhance its operations and strengthen its leadership position on the market. Danube Foods Group and Mid Europa Partners have signed a sales contract worth 575 million euros, and the transaction is expected to be concluded in the first half of this year when all the conditions of the contract will be met.

 “Mid Europa Partners has extensive experience in investing and enhancing the operations of companies from various sectors. Undoubtedly the new investments and the experience of their team will serve to achieve even greater success in the future.” – said Zlatko Najdovski, CEO of Bimilk.

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