Pivara Skopje: 90 Years Have Gone By and We are Just Starting February 19, 2015

FOTO_Aleksandar Ruzevich_Generalen Direktor na Pivara Skopje-resizedThe large number of guests and friends of Pivara Skopje, who came in the building of the Macedonian National Theater on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 were part of the time machine, which took them on a virtual journey through the 90-year history, but also towards the future of one of the leading Macedonian companies – Pivara Skopje, part of the global families of Coca-Cola and Heineken.

In an authentic, artistic and attractive way, “spiced up” with the beautiful multimedia performance of leading artists, the attendees were told one of the most exciting domestic business stories that is deeply embedded in the life of the community.

“Anyone who has spent at least a day in Pivara Skopje, talked to some of its people, who proudly call themselves “Pivarci” or has had a chance to taste the quality of its brands, is aware of the genuine, authentic story of the frontrunner in the progress of corporate culture in Macedonia, which grew into a benchmark for the success and quality in the domestic beverages industry, but also the overall life of the community. It is a huge legacy for all of us in Pivara Skopje, but also for all generations who will care about its future development, because 90 years have gone by and we are just starting,” saidFOTO_Ambasador na SAD vo RM_Jess L. Baily-resized the General Manager of Pivara Skopje Aleksandar Ruzhevikj while thanking all generations of employees in Pivara Skopje who have embedded their knowledge, energy and professional skills into the success of the company and its brands.

Attendees of the celebration recalled the beginnings of Pivara Skopje nine decades ago, as a prelude to the industrialization of the country, through the period of the investment boom in which the state-of-the-art standards of management and leadership in all business segments in the country were introduced, and all the way to its contribution and long-term, consistent support of the traditional values of the community, but also the new, modern trends of living. The importance of the partnership of Pivara Skopje with the Macedonian national handball team, which continuously lasts for 34 years, is meaningful in this part, as well as the results of Pivara Skopje’s Program foFOTO_Pretsedatelot G. Ivanovi i GD na PS A. Ruzevich-resizedr education and training, which has welcomed more than 3,300 promising young people from the country in 17 years, who gained knowledge and skills that have helped them grow into the next entrepreneurial and managerial elite in the country.The story of the legacy of Pivara Skopje also includes projects for responsible drinking, establishment of the highest standards and investments in the protection of the ecosystem, as well as safe and healthy work environment. That knowledge is unselfishly shared with young people who are encouraged to practice active and healthy lifestyle with balanced diet and regular workout. This way, through consistent support of everything that is important for employees, consumers, in a word for people in general, Pivara Skopje once again reminded of its true grandeur, announcing that in the future too it will have the foundations of its success in the needs of all segments of the community it belongs to and will share this success with all of them.

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