Another Step Forward in Cooperation Between Philip Morris and TKP March 9, 2015

PMTKP_logo (300x62)The cooperation between Philip Morris International and Tutunski Kombinat Prilep is going step forward with the latest addition of two PMI machines installed in Prilep factory. The installation of PMI equipment for new cigarette formats at TKP’s facilities marks another important milestone, arises from Strategic partnership agreement between PMI and TKP, signed ten months ago, with establishing Joint venture company – PMTKP.

“We are continuing with full speed to accelerate the cooperation between Philip Morris and TKP technical teams. By enabling the two PMI machines, we build the grounds for new production and commercial opportunities for both TKP and PMTKP, which should eventually allow us as partners to position PMTKP as leading in product innovation.  The machines we have brought, show Philip Morris’ strong commitment to the success of this partnership as well as the overall investment environment in Macedonia”, stated PMTKP General Manager, Emre Kozlu.

These machines, brought to Prilep cigarette factory from the most modern factories of Philip Morris, will be used for production of formats that currently do not exist in TKP’s current production capabilities. This initiative will enable TKP in improving and becoming a modern factory able to produce innovative products in the cigarette category. The additional production capacity and capabilities secured with these machines will also provide further opportunities for TKP to utilize its organizational resources more effectively, potentially bringing new revenue streams.

“The goal of Tutunski Kombinat is more quickly and in a better way to get close to the quality standards of Philip Morris.  Everything that was done so far can be seen with the installation of the new modern equipment, which will bring better quality and control in order to satisfy market demands. The goal of transferring the best machines of Philip Morris in Prilep is improving the portfolio of Tutunski Kombinat, which is very important. At the same time, we are transferring know-how, i.e. knowledge”, said Bora Kostic, Philip Morris consultant.

PMTKP, in short period of time showed progress in the market by continuing its investments in its internationally bestselling brand Marlboro, initiating the production of Bond Street in TKP, as well as introducing on the market another global brand, Chesterfield. The Joint venture company is also working on further improving the position of PMTKP’s strong local brands including Brand, San Slims and others. In addition, in late 2014, PMI and TKP agreed for direct purchases of tobacco from 2014 crop, which supported not only TKP but also the farming communities particularly in Prilep.

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