EY Program for Development of Young Potentials March 20, 2015

EY_LogoAt EY Macedonia we believe that the best way to return to the community is to invest in human capital. As part of our corporate social responsibility policy we have developed the EY Program for Development of Young Potentials in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.

In 2013, our auditors, tax consultants and human resources experts put efforts into designing a local program for students that reflects the EY global effort to disseminate and support educational programs which aim to help today’s students acquire the necessary skills and experience as they ascend into professionals and business leaders. Our target group is bright students in economics, business and law in whom we recognize our future business leaders, colleagues, clients and drivers of social change.

The EY Program for Development of Young Potentials was a result of our eagerness to offer practical, real-life experience to students and, also, to challenge our candidates intellectually and professionally. The program represents a sincere effort to reveal the disguised and often overlooked abilities of young students. Our message to clients, partners and competitors is plain and straightforward: with a strong dedication to support tomorrow’s workforce, we pave the way to prosperous markets. We hope that through such a program we set an example of the virtues we value: responsibility and ability to demonstrate integrity in any place, at any time, as well as commitment to building a better working world.

A central part of the program is to give candidates a case scenario comprised of consultancy, tax, accounting and audit problems. Candidates are tasked in teams to respond to the needs of a hypothetical client following case study instructions. For a period of few weeks, these students are the accounting, tax and law experts upon whose expertise the hypothetical client relies. Thus, students demonstrate their critical thinking abilities and, at the same time, they are given a great chance to taste a bit of the nature, dynamics and scope of the work we do.

Our goal is to offer students a program that will inspire them to resonate out of the box, to help them decide the direction of their career and to add a small building block in their careers.Start Building Yourself and APPLY

  • In 2015, EY Macedonia continues with the EY Program for Development of Young Potential. For further detailed information regarding our 2015 call, please follow our Facebook EY Macedonia Careers page.
  • How to apply?Please send us your CV and 250-500 words essay on topic “How to Build a Better Working World” in Macedonian or English to the following email address: jana.cvetkovska@mk.ey.com no later than 31st March 2015.Eligibility: The program is open to all current students who study economics, business administration and law.
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