Mr. Svetozar Janevski Proclaimed Business Leader of the Century in the Region March 31, 2015

Janevski-Tikves-resizedThe president of the Management Board of Tikves Winery and partner in the M6 investment group, Mr. Svetozar Janevski received the international award “Creators for Centuries” for a lifetime achievement in entrepreneurship.

This prestigious award is received by distinguished business people who are most deserving for the development of entrepreneurship in South East Europe. The process of identification of the candidates lasted 20 months and with 340 candidates competing for this year’s award “Creators for Centuries”, Mr. Janevski is the only Macedonian business leader to receive it.

The selection process was carried out by an international committee of 12 people – independent experts in the area of economy, management, marketing and entrepreneurship in 5 countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia. They reached the decisions through a thorough, lengthy and transparent procedure.

The award ceremony took place during the regional entrepreneurship summit “Best 300” organized in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Expressing his gratitude for the award, Mr. Janevski highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship for the economic and social development of the whole region and said that developing future leaders and people with entrepreneurial spirit is the key to achieving success for individual companies and the overall economy and society.

The regional entrepreneurship summit got together in one place the most renowned business leaders, representatives of business associations, civil society, academic community and state institutions in the region in order to pave future paths and perspectives of the economic and social development of South East Europe.

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