“CSR Project Design & Management” Workshop April 2, 2015

On Wednesday, March 31st, AmCham hosted a “CSR Project Design & Management” Workshop with Lisa McIlvenna, Deputy Managing Director, Business in the Community Northern Ireland.  The event was officially opened by Valerie Colby, Public Relations Officer, U.S. Embassy Skopje and Nikica Kusinikova, Executive Director, Konekt.

During the interactive workshop, Ms. McIlevenna offered AmCham members practical and actionable advice on designing and executing socially responsible projects.  An important take-away from this event was “If a CSR activity has low societal and business impact, it is a waste of resources!”.

Over 45 representatives of member companies attended the event. 93% gave high rates to the speaker, the format of the event and the same percentage of participant gained new knowledge.

The presentation by Ms. Lisa McIlvenna – available here.

Ms. McIlvenna’s visit to Skopje was organized by our member Konekt and financially supported by the U.S. Embassy Skopje.

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