Start of the 4th Coca-Cola Football Cup April 24, 2015

Coca-Cola Cup 2015 Kavadarci-resizedThe first match of the fourth Coca-Cola Football Cup took place in Kavadarci last week. Boys and girls aged 12 to 16 years full of energy and enthusiasm rushed the field and officially marked the beginning of this year’s season of Coca-Cola football matches throughout Macedonia.

The main objective of the traditional project of Pivara AD Skopje, the Coca-Cola Company and the organization Open Fun Football Schools is to create habits for physical exercise and sports activities among young people as the appropriate way of maintaining a healthy balance of energy throughout life.

This year the project notes a record number of 2,000 participants coming from 150 primary and secondary schools from 18 municipalities across the country.

”Sporting and practicing physical activities is a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that should be passed  to younger generations. We are Coca-Cola Cup 2015 Ohrid-resizedhappy that for four years in a row, thanks to Pivara Skopje and Coca-Cola, we have taught children that physical activity is necessary for their proper development and maintaining a good balance between the energy consumed and the energy spent. Young people like the project because it is an excellent combination of sports, entertainment and socializing. Proof of that is this year’s record number of 2,000 participants from across Macedonia eagerly awaiting the start of the project. ” – said Ceno Aleksandrovski, representative of the international organization Open Fun Football Schools.

The first Coca-Cola Cup was organized in 2012 and so far more than 5,200 young people have been active in this unique platform that brings together children, families, schools and municipalities.

“Coca-Cola Cup is an effective way to promote and support a positive and simple idea – the uniting of several factors in a common effort to create healthy lifestyles among the younger generations. Guided by this idea, along with the Coca-Cola Company and the International Open Fun Football Schools, we managed to encourage more than 5,200 boys and girls to actively participate in the project, to include the schools and create a huge audience that supports us. Pivara Skopje has always strived to create and support projects aimed at the community in which we live. The Coca-Cola Cup is just such a project, an example of good practice that links education, civil society, families and the business community. ” – said Mr. Alexandаr Ruzevic, CEO of Pivara Skopje.

During these two months football matches will be played out in several cities around Macedonia, while the finales, in which the winners will be declared, will be held on 30 May at the “Rabotnicki” stadium in the city park in Skopje.

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