Pivara Skopje Continues Education for Healthy and Safe School Days April 30, 2015

FOTO 1_edukativen proektOn the occasion of April 28 – World Day for Safety and Health at Work – Pivara Skopje continues the implementation of the project for the education of pupils in primary schools on topics related to health and safety in the work environment. This year the education includes 1500 fourth-graders in primary schools in Gazi Baba, Aerodrom and Chair.

Within the project, students in the presence of their teachers have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical advice on how to prevent injuries caused by slipping, tripping and falling; how to maintain proper body posture when sitting in the school bench, when writing and using a computer and how to act in case of fire in the school.

These tips, both interactively and vividly, suited to the age of the students, were given by employees of Pivara Skopje who regularly train and FOTO 2_edukativen proektupdate their knowledge of health and safety at work within the established practice of the company.

“If we want to create generations to be aware of the importance of health and safety in the workplace, we should start educate them from an early age. We are happy to have the opportunity to transfer our knowledge of health and safety in the working environment to the children. In this way, we believe we contributed to them understanding how their behavior can better protect their, and the health and safety of their friends, and all others within the school and outside of it,” said Lambro Patce, Corporate Communications Manager in Pivara Skopje, who participated in this project together with his colleagues.

Besides the presentations, the children received educational materials, pencils and notebooks, which should help in transferring the key findings and recommendations for providing safe and healthy school days. This year’s education is implemented in cooperation with the municipalities of Aerodrom, Chair and Gazi Baba. The project began last year when 700 primary school students from all schools in the municipality Aerodrom were included.

FOTO 3_edukativen proektPivara Skopje AD is investing in the health and safety of employees and their education in various relevant topics in the field for years. For the achievements and activities on this plan, the company has won the National Award for best practices in the field of health and safety at work. Pivara Skopje is one of the first companies in Macedonia to have introduced and been certified by the leading international standard for management of safety and health at work – OHSAS 18,001 since 2007.

For further information: patce@pivaraskopje.com.mk

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