Bimilk Received the National Award for Good Practice for Occupational H&S May 8, 2015

Bimilk-resizedThe Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association in cooperation with the European Union awarded Bimilk with the national award for good practice for occupational safety and health. The award ceremony took place in Daut Pasin Amam in the Old Bazaar and the reward on behalf of Bimilk, was received by Mrs. Radmila Vasilevska, Bimilk’s Manager for integrated systems management.

“The safe and healthy working conditions are ¬†of great importance for Bimilk and therefore many years ago the company has adopted all measures for safety and health at work recommended by the national legislation. Since November 2013 Bimilk has been one of the few companies in Macedonia that has implemented the internationally renown system for health and safety OHSAS which allows the company to systematically manage all health and safety of its employees.

Bimilk makes continuous investments in improving the process of production and workflows to ensure high quality and safety of Bimilk products and also to protect the health of its employees.

“The occupational safety of employees is a strategic decision of the company. This is why this award represents an additional incentive for us to continue our dedicated work for the protection of health and safety at work.” – said Ms.¬†Vasilevska.

The Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association presented the awards for best practices for occupational safety and health awards at April 28th, the International Day for occupational safety.

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