Why Choose QSI Skopje? May 28, 2015

QSI-2 (212x300)Low Student to Teacher Ratio: The average student to teacher ratio at QSI is 10:1. The largest class is still only 16:1.  Every elementary core class has 1 core teacher and 1 aide per classroom. Each student is able to receive more focused attention from their teachers, and the unique learning style of each student can be nurtured for the best possible educational outcome. Scheduling flexibility allows advanced students to move up to higher level individual core subjects in order to challenge their academic potential without sacrificing peer interaction.

Exceptional School Grounds: With 6,000 sq. meters of outdoor play space, students have ample room to ride bicycles, play pick-up games of football, basketball, and four-square, and play on the custom-made jungle gym. QSI’s grounds also include a vegetable garden and an animal barn with goats, chickens, and bunnies.

Diverse After-School Activities: In addition to the usual offerings of music lessons, football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, and gymnastics, QSI also offers a wide-range of unique and engaging after-school activities such as: climbing, science club, Minecraft, cross-stitch, animal care, wrestling, marital arts, ballet, mixed arts, cooking, and jewelry making. This diverse offering of activities ensures that every student finds an activity to suit their interests and encourages the development of well-rounded students.

Internationally-Recruited, Certified Teachers: QSI’s core teachers have all been internationally-recruited and trained. Six of our seven core teachers hold Master’s degrees.

A Close-Knit Community:  QSI values and seeks to actively create a close-knit school community. QSI’s Parent Teacher Organization works with the school to plan community-building events such as Fall Festival, Student Art Auction, International Food Festival, Wine and Cheese Parents’ Nights, and Spring Festival.

Join us for our upcoming Spring Festival!



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