Doing Business with Foreign Investors in Macedonia June 12, 2015

AmCham Macedonia hosted its second annual gathering on increasing the cooperation between the foreign investors and the local suppliers in Macedonia on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, at Skopje Fair – MBC Diplomatic hall.

This year, we invited procurement professionals from the metal industry: ArcelorMittal Skopje, Feni Industri Kavadarci and Wabtec MZT Skopje to present their procurement procedures and rules, global standards and supply systems. They also listed the products and services that are usually procure on the local market, pointing out that those companies that showed real interest and made substantial effort in the past, now can promote successful stories on cooperation with other global brands in Europe.

Creation of strong local supplier base that meets international standards,  and can fulfill the requirements set by the foreign companies operating in the country, is one of the factors that influences whether a company decides to invest in a certain location, as well as their competitiveness in that location. The greater the cooperation, the greater the investments’ impact on economic development, promotion of standards and the competitiveness of local suppliers. However, local suppliers must be aware that the procedure to start procure locally goods and services that are already purchased on a global level is long lasting and involves many laboratory tests and inspections.

97% of the participants gave high rates to the speakers, and for 86% of the participants, this event met their expectations.

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