LinkAcross Enables Four Preschools Receive First Aid Training June 24, 2015

LinkAcross3 (300x200)Four preschool chains in four different municipalities in Skopje participated in the pilot project to increase the skills of preschool teachers in first aid, implemented by LinkAcross Skopje.

The preschools who received the first aid training are 8 Mart, Fidani, Detska radost and 11 Oktomvri. Together with our long-standing partners, preschool 8 Mart and the Children’s Hospital in Skopje, we trained about 200 caregivers and teachers during this pilot phase.

The first training was held in April in preschool 8 Mart and the second in May in preschool Fidani. One of the important features of the training was its emphasis on developing participant’s practical skills. Caregivers and teachers were able to apply their new knowledge on the available training manikins. One of the important results of the training was compiling systematic protocols for preschools in order to help teachers know what to do in emergency situations and when to do it. The protocols were made in accordance with the existing standards from the American Academy for Pediatrics, and follow the most recent recommendations for providing pediatric first aid.

The main trainer was a resident from the Children’s Hospital, Dr. Mila Spirkoska. She worked together with a team of experts from the LinkAcross1 (300x200)Children’s Hospital to translate and adapt the content for the training event. We are very happy to be able to continue our strong partnership with the pediatric hospital, and we plan to work together on important projects related to children’s health in the future.

The participants were required to take a pretest before the training and a post-test after the training. There was a significant improvement between pretest and post-test results. All participants successfully completed the post-test and received a certificate. Also, 95% of the participants expressed that they believe the training should become mandatory for all preschool caregivers and teachers.

We would like to continue and expand the project so that all preschools in Macedonia have access to systematic pediatric first aid training. Also, we want to add other components to the project including security and prevention, as well as involve parents in the training.

This project started as a plea of an experienced teacher and preschool manager who recognized the need for this kind of education. We are committed to the health and safety of children and would like to see every preschool teacher and caregiver equipped to react quickly and adequately in urgent situations.

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