Business – University Cooperation Breakfast June 26, 2015

On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 AmCham Macedonia hosted representatives from the business community, local universities, government officials and student organizations to discuss the models of cooperation between the businesses and universities that will enhance country’s workforce.

The first hour networking opportunity was followed by an official opening by H.E. Jess L. Baily, U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia and Mr. Miroslav Marchev, President of AmCham Board of Directors.

The interactive discussion was moderated by Michelle Osmanli, AmCham Macedonia’s Executive Director and was divided in four main areas: internship programs; guest lecturers from the local business community in universities; use of business cases and simulations in classrooms and laboratories; and creation of specialized programs. The overall picture is that this complex issue, demands a lot of efforts and each side faces different challenges, especially ¬†since most of the procedures that are regulating this matter, are developed and adopted by the state institutions.

During the discussion participants brought up the need of standardized internship programs and continuous communication on the expectations from each side, in order these cooperation models to be further developed and improved. It was also concluded that the lack of R&D funds and insufficient number of specialized programs additionally disrupts the quality cooperation and mutual support between academia and businesses.

All participants agreed that successful development of the future cooperation mostly depends on joint work and open dialog between all involved parties.


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