Learning Session on Hidden Risks from an Insurance Perspective June 30, 2015

On Tuesday, June 30th, AmCham members from various industries gathered on morning learning session on Hidden Risks from an Insurance Perspective, led by representatives from our member company Euroins Insurance.

Euroins Insurance’s CEO, Ralitsa Guberova opened the session by giving overview of the topics that will be covered and introduced her colleague Maja Nonevska Hristovska. Ms. Nonevska Hristovska continued by presenting info on the top 10 insurance risks worldwide, including more detail list for Macedonia; how to identify hidden insurance risks in the business; new business risks; and risks from under-insured company. She also shared practical examples, so the audience could better understand these themes.

The event was highly evaluated by all participants, 89% gave high rates to the speaker and the format of the event.

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