2015 Faculty of Economics Int’l Summer School July 1, 2015

In its 65th jubilee year and for the 5th time in a row, the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, at Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in cooperation with AIESEC Skopje, cordially invites interested companies to join its International Summer School, which is dedicated this year to one of the most vital issues for a survival in today’s constantly changing business environment.

In one of the most full of life and picturesque cities, Ohrid, the city of UNESCO, a very inspiring summer scientific story started in 2010, from national, by time grew in international, unifying in one place both scientists and business people, both theoreticians and practitioners, surrounded by young people eager to obtain new knowledge and enhance their intellectual potential.

In compliance with the objectives of the European Commission’s framework programme, “CREATIVE EUROPE”, at the same time addressing the timely subject of CHANGE MANAGEMENT, we decided to combine these two important areas under the name of this year’s Summer School:

“Make a Difference – Become a Creative EU Leader of Change”

 Below you can see the thematic segments and also the benefits from participation in our Summer School.

Integral thematic segments

  • Economic and business environment oriented towards change;
  • Internal and external drivers and inhibitors of organizational changes in modern organizations;
  • Models, techniques and processes of managing organizational change;
  • Theoretical and practical development of innovative knowledge, skills, experiences and capabilities for successful implementation of changes;
  • Changes in the purpose of organizational and national economic development.

Benefits from the participation in Summer School 2015

  • Unique integration of theoretical and practically tested knowledge, skills, experience and abilities;
  • Application of highest international standards for transfer of critical knowledge for change management;
  • Intensive 6 day communication interaction with expert remarkable national and international theoreticians and practitioners – business people;
  • Solving of real business case problems for change management, at Macedonian businesses.
  • Enhancing working environments for team work, further improvement of analytical and communicational abilities;
  • Certificate for attendance.

Please find our detailed offer for companies here.

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