Halkbank Decreases the Interest Rate for Eco Loans August 5, 2015

Halk_ver2Halkbank, a green finance pioneer in the Macedonian market, began its EE lending activities in 2010 after obtaining its first loan from the GGF. With the support of the GGF Technical Assistance Facility, Halkbank developed specific retail and business EE loan products (Eco loans) and executed a sustainable sales and marketing strategy for EE lending. As a result Halkbank has built a very strong business relation in line with the GGF’s green development finance objectives, fully utilizing the first GGF loan.

The successful cooperation between the Green for Growth Fund, South East Europe (GGF) and Halkbank AD Skopje (Halkbank) has led to a second senior loan facility in the amount of EUR 10.0 million. The credit facility provided by the GGF enables Halkbank  – via its Eco-loan products – to increase the scope and volume of its financing business for energy efficiency (EE) measures, such as the replacement of energy-inefficient heat supply systems and the upgrade exterior wall and roof insulation, heating and lightening systems, and appliances. EE loan products directed at business clients also include the replacement and/or upgrade of energy-inefficient production equipment and process-related equipment. The GGF loan will facilitate access to credit in rural areas for replacing obsolete farming equipment as well.

Following the global energy trends and taking into account the eco component of the  product and the responsibility that Halkbank AD Skopje has  for the environment, primarily to households and the business community, in July 2015 the Bank decided to decrease the interest rates for eco loans.

Currently the credit line is offered with competitive interest rates  of  5.5% p.a  for consumer loans and 5.3% p.a for business loans. Taking this step the Bank proved once again that is always prepared to make the required improvements of its products just in order to meet the multifarious clients’ requirements and needs. Our experience in this field gives us direction to improve this product which produce satisfied clients by offering them better and cheaper living conditions.

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