Tikves Winery Opened the First Digital Wine Museum in Macedonia September 2, 2015

tikves muzejCelebrating 130 years of history and tradition in crafting fine wines, Tikves Winery launched the first digital museum in Macedonia dedicated to the art of fine wine-making.

As the oldest and largest winery in Macedonia, the history of Tikves Winery is intrinsically tied to the tradition of wine production in Macedonia. The huge importance of Tikves in the development of the Macedonian wine industry was the motive and challenge to begin collecting artefacts and stories about wine production in this region.

The Tikves Winery digital museum is comprised of photos and information that testify of the numerous important events, people, objects, modes of production and consumption of wine, as well as labels, bottles and wine samples inscribed in the extremely rich history of the winery with the longest tradition in Macedonia and the region.

The first digital wine museum in Macedonia is installed on the Tumbler internet platform, allowing visitors to post their own photographs or photographs of artefacts and events connected to Tikves Winery and its history. Wine and Tikves lovers can thus enrich the collection with moments representing part of the everyday joys of life – enjoying fine wine and celebrating fine winemaking.

The contents of the digital museum are available at www.tikvesmuzej.mk.

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