Halkbank AD Skopje Introduced New Visa Business Debit Card September 6, 2015

HalkBank-biznis kartickaHalkbank AD Skopje is pleased to announce the new Visa Business Debit Card, specifically designed  for the needs of legal entities. Visa Business Debit card is the international debit card that can be used for payment of goods and services  as well as for other operational needs of the company (hotel accommodation, travel expenses) and for cash withdrawal in the country and abroad. Visa Business Debit card is accepted at all sales establishments and cash points, as well as ATMs with the Visa card symbol. The card  can be used by owners of the company, managers, employees in the company authorized by the owner. The card is connected with account of the company in Halkbank AD Skopje. All individual or additional  cards can be connected with the primary account of the company  or  with  other   account  of the legal entities opened for  that special purpose.The card can be used as a credit card if company has approved  overdraft connected to the account.  Halkbank AD Skopje offers  24-hour support  for its clients  anywhere in the world, throught  Halkbank help desk  centre that works 24/7.

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