70 Years AMSM: The Story of Our Success September 8, 2015

amsm-1Picture Macedonia in the middle of the 1940’s; only 5 km of the road network are modern roads with exactly 206 passenger vehicles. Most of them are Fords, but also Chevrolets, SXs, Pontiacs and some Buicks, going at 20km/h. There are 55 buses and only 50 professional drivers in the whole country. In these conditions, the institutionalization of the first 8 auto-moto associations in the Republic of Macedonia in 1945 and the idea of forming AMSM are nothing more than enthusiastic. But then, for the first time, the initiative for vehicle registration appears. The first professional car services are formed within the auto moto associations, where 68 cars on average per year are repaired. “There is no vehicle that could not be fixed” is the motto of the former Auto Moto Association “Gjorgji Naumov” from Bitola.

However, it seems that these challenges were not enough for the group of enthusiasts in AMSM. Beginning with the idea that sport brings people together, AMSM organizes the first state competition of pedal cars in 1951 in Skopje. This will only be the beginning of AMSM’s long-standing involvement and contribution in the auto moto sport’s establishment and development in the Republic of Macedonia. In the following five decades, AMSM organizes more than 30 national and international auto moto races, some of which will be remembered as one of the most visited events at the time.

Slowly but surely AMSM becomes the leading institution in the field of automobiles. By then services such as information center for road condition, the helio service for medical help, the service for road assistance and towing within AMSM are already fully working, and international driver’s licenses and licenses for organization of international motorcycle and car races are issued.

The pioneer role of AMSM continues in the following decades. Recognizing the need for protection of the car heritage, AMSM starts an initiative for registration and cataloguing of all the old-timers in the Republic of Macedonia. These efforts by AMSM culminate in the old-timers rally.

Nevertheless, every age has its challenges. The independence of the Republic of Macedonia and the separation of the Auto Moto Association from Yugoslavia have marked the beginning of the race for AMSM’s acceptance by all international associations for automobiles, motorcycles and tourism. This time, with distinguished enthusiasm, the new generations in AMSN run the race. Today AMSM is member of ARCEUROPE, GMA (Global Mobility Alliance), EURORAP, EURONCAP, iRAP, IRU Academy, ECMA and most of all AMSM is the only FIA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile) member from the Republic of Macedonia.

As a result of this international cooperation, AMSM, throughout the years, had the honor to be a host to some of the biggest names and events from the auto moto world, such as FIA CEZ/IHCC/EHCC Prize Giving, FIA European Traffic amsm-2Education Contest (ETEC), official visit of the FIA President, Mr.Jean Todt and many others.

The following years will be remembered as years of rapid development. The change in the concept of working  and the expanding of the portfolio have imposed the need for significant investments in technological perfection, renewal of the vehicle park, construction of stations for technical inspection of vehicles on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and training of professional cadre.

There was a vision and decisiveness for AMSM to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the most developed international auto-moto associations. Today, there is no person owning a vehicle that we do not know about. Only in the last two decades, over 12 000 candidates have been trained for drivers and more than 100 000 interventions for road assistance and towing have been realized. Over 2.5 million vehicles have been served in the 11 stations for technical inspection of vehicles. With over 20 different services in 1 place, 15 000 loyal members and 18 auto moto associations through which we have complete coverage over the whole territory of Republic of Macedonia, AMSM is still a leader in the field of motorized traffic.

But, as they say, it is easy to reach the top; it is hard to stay there.

Thanks to the persistence and the hard work of the past generations, AMSM is celebrating 70 years since its founding. As well as in the far 1945, the enthusiasm is still fresh.

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